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For many years now, the Kiev-Istanbul route has been one of the leading choices for international travel. Every year, thousands of tourists from Ukraine head to Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, and Ankara to spend their unforgettable vacations. Many note that vacations in Turkey are a combination of high-quality service at affordable prices, plus the location is relatively close to Ukraine on the map.

When talking about vacations in Turkey, some people immediately think of the taste of the world-famous Turkish ice cream, while others envision the warm beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, and some dream of relaxing in the healing baths of Pamukkale. Turkey offers something for everyone, so even the most discerning tourists will find activities to suit their tastes.

Bus transportation to Istanbul is popular among both young and older travelers. Unlike air travel, where you might worry about uncomfortable overnight flights or flight delays, our bus trips always depart on time and have convenient schedules. Kiev-Istanbul buses are a popular and affordable way to travel!

Purchasing a Kiev-Istanbul ticket is very easy. All you need to do is visit the official Günsel website and select your destination. In the “Information” section, you can see that the Kiev-Istanbul bus route passes through various cities in Ukraine, giving many passengers who do not live in the capital the opportunity to purchase a bus ticket to Istanbul near their city.

Günsel transportation company offers the most competitive prices for Kiev-Istanbul tickets. The direct Kiev-Istanbul route allows you to reach Turkey from Ukraine in less than a day on a modern and comfortable bus.

The luggage compartment on the Kiev-Istanbul bus allows our passengers to safely stow their belongings. Throughout the entire Kiev-Istanbul route, the drivers make regular stops so that passengers can take a break and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee in the fresh air.

We discussed how to find the cost of a Kiev-Istanbul ticket earlier, but it’s important to mention that our transportation company also allows for free ticket reservations, which is a very convenient feature for many passengers. By specifying the exact date and place of departure, our managers will gladly add you to the list and reserve comfortable seats for your trip to Turkey.

Don’t postpone your vacation for months, live it now! The direct Kiev-Istanbul route will give you the brightest memories of your vacation in Turkey.

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