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Transport company

Experience, professionalism and real mastery are criteria that are highly valued in any business. Transportation is no exception. Moving, freight or a tourist trip to another city – you want to trust the professionals and it does not matter – it is necessary for your business or for leisure.

Market relations grow and develop, and this has a bearing on doing business altogether. It is important to correctly build logistics and calculate all the resources so as not to go into a minus. Taking into account the specifics of the cost of transport and the market situation itself – the increase in prices for fuel, maintenance, wear of the vehicle and the surrounding equipment – most of the company reject the idea of ​​its transport. The maintenance of your fleet requires significant maintenance of vehicles, the purchase of fuel and hiring of additional personnel, not to mention the purchase of the vehicles themselves, which are in no hurry to give in price. This is really an expensive pleasure, which, moreover, does not always pay off.

As an alternative, many companies order outsourced transport and logistics services. This financially pays off faster and does not require additional unforeseen costs. In addition, it is the trust of professionals who know how to build a route and deliver cargo or passengers as safely and quickly as possible throughout Ukraine.

Cargo transportation Ukraine

Competition between shipping companies is growing every year, as well as the demand for their services. To survive in the transport and economic market it is important to provide really high-quality services. The range of possibilities of such companies is also expanding. This allows customers to choose what interests them and maximize their needs.

The GUNSEL Group Company prioritizes such services as the delivery of parcels and goods in Ukraine. If your baggage in terms of weight and dimensions does not fit in your vehicle or you simply have no time to handle the transport yourself, and you need to deliver as quickly as possible, we will help you to solve the issue of transportation.

We have no restrictions in volume, weight and quantity of luggage. Today we serve more than 60 largest cities of Ukraine. In total, our branches have almost 100 branches. Operational work and high-quality transport will allow you to deliver your goods in Ukraine in 24-48 hours.

We also provide international air freight services. From the end of 2015, we are the official agent for the sale of Turkish Air Freight services. From Boryspil airport to more than 200 airports of the world – you will definitely be able to find your destination. Loyal charge and willingness to meet customers are aimed at creating the most comfortable conditions for your business.

Passenger traffic in Ukraine

Travel should be comfortable at all stages. Therefore, we took care of the comfort in the salons of our buses. We use MAN / NEOPLAN transport, which has proven its quality in action. Qualified drivers will quickly and safely take you to your destination. Flight attendants will take care of your comfort on the road – from soft drinks and light snacks on the road to music and movies. If you have questions about the route, stops, arrival times or other information – our staff will be happy to answer. For convenience, passenger seats are equipped with technical – USB connectors, monitors and headphones. With this it will be difficult to get bored on the road.

You can buy bus tickets in our offices in the city of Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and others. If you do not have time or opportunity to get to our branch, you can buy bus tickets online. At the moment, the company GUNSEL Group operates regular flights on the following routes: Kiev-Odessa-Kiev, Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk-Kiev, Kiev-Kharkov-Kiev, Kiev-Kherson-Kiev, Kiev-a / p Borispol-Kiev, Kiev-Odessa- Kiev, Kiev-Lviv-Kiev and others. There is also transportation to cities in other countries – Kiev-Prague-Kiev, Kiev-Wroclaw-Kiev, Kiev-Warsaw-Kiev, Kiev-Poznan-Kiev, Kiev-Lublin-Kiev, Kiev-Lodz-Kiev. We work for you and your comfort. For all questions, please contact our support team and we will show you the information you need.

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