1. Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased at GUNSEL’s offices, official web-site https://ticket.gunsel.ua, at our partners busfor.ua, infobus.eu and through “PrivatBank” servises.

2. Can I reserve a ticket?

Ticket can not be reserved. You can purchase a ticket directly.

3. How can I purchase a ticket by cashless payment?

In order to purchase a ticket by cashless payment you need to send the following information to Help@gunsel.ua:

  • Registration documents of the company;
  • Destination, date, time of the needed trip;
  • Passenger’s name, surname, contact telephone number;

Applications are maintained: Monday – Friday from 09-00 till 18-00 (Except state holidays).

4. How can I buy tickets for the group?

At GUNSEL’s offices and GUNSEL’s web-site you can purchase up to 5 tickets at one time.

5. How can I refund the ticket?

You can refund electronic ticket by clicking: https://ticket.gunsel.ua/search-cancel-ticket

(If the ticket has been purchased at  busfor.ua, infobus.eu, bilet.privatbank.ua, all activities regarding this ticket shall be conducted at those web-sites).

If the ticket has been purchased at GUNSEL’s offices, it can be refunded at any of GUNSEL’s offices.

6. I got late for the bus!

If you have purchased ticket at gunsel.ua, you need to send us following information to Help@gunsel.ua:

  • Ticket number;
  • Situation description.

If you have purchased ticket at GUNSEL’s offices you have to:

  • Contact the nearest GUNSEL office;
  • Write a claim.

If the ticket has been purchased at busfor.ua, infobus.eu, bilet.privatbank.ua, all activities regarding this ticket shall be conducted at those web-sites

7. Ticket has not been sent to my e-mail adress!

Check SPAM folder, if there is no ticket call +38 044 591 90 90, provide us with date, time of the trip, passenger’s name, surname – operator will check the ticket in the data base. If your ticket is there we will send it again.

Tickets cannot be sent to Yandex and Mail.ru boxes.

8. Shall I print the ticket?

For international trip you must print your tickets;

For domestic destinations it is preferable to print, however you can also show your ticket at electronic carrier.

9. What are Gunsel’s travel destinations?

A. Domestic destinations:

  • Kherson;
  • Mykolayiv;
  • Odesa;
  • Dnipro;
  • Kharkiv;
  • Poltava;
  • Rivne;
  • Lviv.

B. International destinations:

  • Prague;
  • Wroclav;
  • Krakov;
  • Lublin;
  • Katowice;
  • Gradec-Kralove;
  • Warsaw.

10. What is the baggage allowance? What is the baggage overweight fee?

Type of Baggage

Allowed to take onboard


Dimension/ Weight

Fee Domestic

Fee International

Hand Baggage


Stored in the overhead compartment

max. 42 x 30 x 18 cm, max. 7kg



Travel Baggage


Travel suitcase/travel bag stored in the cargo compartment

max. 80 x 50 x 30 cm, max. 20kg



Additional Baggage


Not bigger than Travel baggage, 2nd suitcase

max. 80 x 50 x 30 cm, max.


300 UAH

450 UAH

Special Baggage


Oversized luggage/ abnomal sized luggage/sport equipment/ baby strollers/ disabled pushchairs/ bycicles folded and packed

Not bigger than 240cm total in 3 dimention (width cm+heght cm+length cm), max.30 kg

Baby strollers – free

Wheelchairs – free

Other – 600UAH

Baby strollers – free

Wheelchairs – free

Other – 900 UAH

11. Can I transport a pet?

Pets can be transported in a special box in the baggage section of the bus. A pet can not be transported inside the cabin or occupy a seat.

12. How can I rent a bus with a driver?

For bus rentals please refer to https://ticket.gunsel.ua (Services section) and fulfill the form.

Tel. number for bus rentals: +38 044 591 90 90.

13. Can I board a bus in the places not mentioned in the route schedule (highway, railway station)?

Boarding and disembarking of the bus is being conducted only at places mentioned in the route schedule.

14. Is there a lavatory in the bus?

There is no lavatory in the busses however sanitary stops are being conducted regularly.

15. Is any meal being provided during the trip?

You can purchase hot/soft drinks and snacks offered by stewardess.

16. How can I complain?

You may leave your complaint at:

17. Do you have any jobs?

All our jobs you can find at https://www.work.ua/jobs/by-company/282617/ and https://rabota.ua/company1202973.