When it comes time to expand the business, most often you have to think about the issue of transportation. Not all firms have their own fleet of vehicles – in most cases this is not profitable and there is no particular need. The rise in price of gasoline, maintenance and the need for additional space to accommodate the car, and the need for additional staff — such costs can be justified only at very high product speeds and not always.

It is much more profitable to hire a freight company and order their services yourself. For professionals, delivery of goods is a common thing and they know exactly how to optimize the process so that everything is delivered quickly, reliably and with minimal costs.

What is to deliver

The option of delivery by train is somewhat archaic and problematic. To date, the most popular are the aircraft, truck and bus. If you are interested in the delivery of a small load, such as documents, it can be timed to a common bus. It is fast, reliable and does not require unnecessary clarifications.

Грузоперевозки по Украине

It will be delivered on time without any worries. Larger deliveries are carried out either by truck or by plane. If the cargo is perishable or simply requires immediate delivery, then most likely the aircraft will be used.

Where to deliver

Gunsel company delivers the goods in Ukraine. More than 100 points in 60 cities of the country are ready to take your cargo. Choose the delivery point that suits you best and arrange delivery with the managers. It is not so important it will be Kiev, the Dnieper, Odessa or another city – we will calculate the most convenient delivery for you.

Price and delivery terms

Pricing policy depends on the tonnage of cargo – the more tonnage the higher the cost per kilometer. Also important is the distance to which you need to make delivery. If this is a transportation in Kiev – the price will be minimal, but if you need to deliver to the other end of the country – the cost will increase accordingly.

Delivery terms are as customer-oriented as possible. We know how sometimes it is important to know at what stage the process is, therefore we give our clients the opportunity to track the cargo. You just need to enter the declaration code and check where your cargo is located. If you have questions – you can ask their managers of the company. The main thing to trust and not to worry once again – everything will be delivered optimally quickly.