Resting does not always mean knocking out the whole stash. If a rational approach to the issue, then you can have a good rest with minimal cost. Especially if you want to wave somewhere for the weekend or plan your trip in advance. I would like to note right away that in most European cities it is quite possible to go with a budget for traveling up to 100 euros (though often without taking into account tickets). Today we will consider where you can go on a budget and tastefully.



One of the most budgetary, close (and therefore also the road will not bite the price), as well as beautiful cities. European charm and Polish simplicity, a place understandable to us as close neighbors. The magical old part of the city with its temples and sculptures is truly mesmerizing. Oddly enough, during the Second World War, the city was almost uninjured, and this allowed many stunning buildings to preserve their beauty to this day. For greater savings, you can buy a bus ticket to Krakow.


Прага до 100 евро

Probably one of the most popular and at the same time quite affordable cities in Europe. There is ancient architecture with Gothic cathedrals and a mystical atmosphere, and cheap craft beer – what else do you need to have a nice weekend in Europe? It may be a good company, but this is your task. True, here you can stumble upon crowds of tourists, therefore it is better to choose not the most running months – the city is still always beautiful!



A place for lovers of contrasts – the rebellious spirit of true revolutionaries, historical monuments and true Art Nouveau – everything has come together in a heap. The whole atmosphere is quite unusual, a little electrified and from this even more alluring. There is a place for romantics and adventure seekers. And the best part is that pricing is more than loyal.



It is not strange, but this city is also very affordable. If you are preparing for the trip, you can purchase tickets at a very appetizing price in advance. The city itself inspires with its grandeur and simplicity at the same time. There is something to see and where to go, cultural relaxation for every taste – museums, theaters, top shops and just a walk in the center. Respect for each other and understanding of human value are literally floating in the air – a great option for moral relaxation.

You can long list the beautiful and affordable cities in Europe, where you can easily relax at very loyal prices. It is important to understand what exactly attracts you the most. And you can buy tickets at the Gunsel company, which is always at your service.

Have a nice rest!