When it comes time for vacations and long journeys – children do not go anywhere. They also want to go to the grandparents, swim in the sea or just spend time on vacation with their parents. But before you get to such a desired destination, you need to overcome a considerable obstacle – the road. So that it does not turn into a test, but become the beginning of a great journey, you should prepare in advance.

Few nuances

Путешествуем с детьми

When you did decide to buy a bus ticket – do not save on a child. To make the road pleasant and bring the most positive emotions, it is worth considering a few nuances:

  • It is better to take a separate place for him, so that the kid was driving comfortably and the road was not in your way;
  • The best option is night flights – they are not as hot as day flights and are easier to carry, besides you can sleep on the road;
  • Take the cabin baggage with the most necessary (about this we will discuss later);
  • When buying seats, pay attention to their location so that the child does not end up at the other end of the cabin.

Carry-on baggage

Hand luggage you need to take medication for motion sickness (for example, Avia-Sea or Dramina). Also do not forget about the snack. It must be something light, so as not to crumble and spill, and also not to have bright smells – they can cause motion sickness or trite “teasing” other passengers. A good option cutlets in sudochki, cucumbers, boiled potatoes, bananas, peeled boiled eggs. Waffles and cookies are also a good option. It is better to refuse milk, especially if you are driving during the day in the heat. It is important to take the sachets (in case the baby is still sick), wipes (wet and dry), water and a garbage bag (the same snack packs and used wipes).

Clothing for the road

Even if you are traveling in the winter: you should not pack a child in five hot overalls – this is how he has more chances to get tired and forgive. The best option is comfortable moderately warm clothing and a blanket – in which case to wrap the child. Do not forget about the change of clothes – if the child is still sweating, so that it can be changed. Only everything should be comfortable and easy to put on. Small children can spit up – because you can take a couple more bibs. The whole wardrobe to drag too makes no sense – the additional burden in the first place you.

How to occupy a child

Of course the best option is healthy sleep. So the road will go faster, and less hassle, and the child is comfortable. So that the baby fell asleep, you need to catch it and understand the specifics of your child – what you like and what doesn’t. You can take his favorite toy – with it, he will calm down faster. On the road, toys from Kinders can be very useful – you can play whole scenes with them.

The main thing is to entrust your way to the right carrier. Gunsel company knows how important it is for children to travel in comfort and safety. So if you decide to buy bus tickets from us – you will make the right choice.