Company «Gunsel» informs customers about the increase in complaints about the use of the trade mark of the company for fraudulent purposes. fraud scheme has been used not once, and this time, conditional sponsor raffle of valuable prizes, one of which is off-road car “Chevrolet-Niva”, as it were, our company stands for.
So-called “winners” comes SMS-message about winning and offers visit the website for, where they can learn more about the conditions for obtaining a valuable prize. The winners of the so-called win-win lottery were determined as if by an independent selection among the users of electronic payment systems.
Company «Gunsel», taking care of his own image, asks to be cautious when participating in any sweepstakes that are conducted under the name of the company, except those that are listed on the official websites. List of drawings and actions that are carried out by our company, you can always find on the official website or on the official pages on social networks and