Travel is an art form. And competently pack a bag – super power, which is owned by only the elect. Today we will dedicate you to the secret order of the gurus, who know how to pack a suitcase so as not to forget anything and at the same time not leave shoulders on half the road. This gift will allow you to buy a ticket anywhere and really enjoy the trip.

Where are we going

Вещи в дорогу

First you need to understand – where are you going? At sea, a fur coat is not useful, unless you have gathered there in winter and it is not somewhere in the Antarctic. For beach trips enough light clothing, a pair of swimsuits and evening dress, you can several. If you chose a sightseeing tour, it is better to take comfortable clothes and a minimum – try to do with one backpack. With the company Gunsel travel conveniently easy, but it will be even easier with a minimum of cargo.

The specifics of some cities

Багаж в дорогу

There are cities with high humidity, for example, those located near the sea (Odessa and Gdansk are immediately remembered). Prague, for example, also has a fairly wet rainy climate. Wroclaw, on the other hand, does not hesitate to fluctuate temperatures, and sometimes it is very significant (for good reason it is a city of contrasts).

First need

Необходимые вещи в поездке

First of all, it is important to remember that we are human. You need personal care products and, if you have a need, specific medications. A small first-aid kit with several basic drugs will not interfere (analgesic, antihistamine and antipyretic). Some drugs abroad are sold only with a prescription. It is also worth remembering that the airport passes bottles of liquid up to 100 ml. It is better to purchase special small bottles for traveling and pour detergents there. In most hotels a basic shower kit is provided.

You can not leave, take

Багаж в дорогу

To everything that you plan to take, you need to be approached with the following question: leave can not be taken – respectively, select where to put a comma. If this is the first necessity thing without which you can’t do without it, its place is in the bag. If this is only a nice addition, which is a desire to “walk” – it is better not to weight your luggage, but leave room for the same souvenirs. As practice shows, when traveling, a lot of clothes are not needed, especially if the trip is less than 7 days. Two or three sets is enough.

Little tricks

So small, because it is important that things occupy a minimum of space.

  • For example, socks and underwear can be neatly twisted into a tube and placed in shoes – this not only saves space, but also keeps the shoes in a presentable form. In general, it is advisable to pack things tightly enough so that they once again did not travel while moving, but arrived safely.
  • It is better to fold clothes like t-shirts and dresses with rollers, rather than squares – this is how it becomes less wrinkled and more densely lays down, takes less than such valuable space.
  • If shirts are needed, they can be folded using a magazine or cardboard evenly, not a roller.
  • Wires and belts will take less space if you pack them along the walls, and not twist.
  • Sprays, shoes and tubes are better placed in different parts of the suitcase – they will take less space and will not damage each other.

In fact, on the road, you need personal hygiene products (brush, paste, antiperspirant), a pair of changeable shoes, documents, a phone with a charger and a set of changeable clothes. Nothing extra is worth taking. Let the trip be easy and comfortable as your luggage!