If summer is in full swing, and you have not yet hit the sea, then it’s time to buy a bus ticket to Kiev Odessa, because the sea is very close. And besides the sea – many interesting sights. What exactly – we learn in this article.

What is there in the classics

Одесский театр

Classic guides immediately give everyone a well-known list: Deribasovskaya, Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Monument to the 12th chair and, of course, the Potemkin Stairs. All these sights are really important and interesting, especially if you are the first time in the city. But what to see if this is not your first trip, but you want fresh impressions?

Cats everywhere

Коты Одессы

First of all, it is worth warning about the local “mafia” – cats “cover” the city. And they are everywhere – on lampposts, on street corners, on steps and even on walls. This is not about stray Fuzzies, but about sculptures that just fill the city. You can even organize a small quest – who will find more of these lovely statues.

Orange that saved the city

Апельсин в Одессе

If Rome was saved by geese, then things were sweeter. This story is not about the lack of vitamin C, but about the real salvation of the city. And it was like this: The seaport was being built under the reliable financing of Emperor Paul I. But one day, something changed and it turned out that everything was not so reliable – the king stopped sending money for construction. Then the fate of the city was at stake – whether it will develop and whether it will be able to feed the residents. To save the city, Odessa residents sent the Tsar to Petersburg oranges at the end of winter. The king liked such an overseas fruit, and he resumed funding. So as not to forget about this event, a monument to a saving orange was placed at the very beginning of Zhvanetsky Boulevard.

It’s time underground

Sometimes the heat makes you do the most incredible things. For example, go down under the ground. And not just like that, but to visit the Mystery Museum of underground Odessa. It’s not only cool, but also interesting. Here and partisans, and Stalker, and even a zone for relaxation – the perfect shelter on a hot day. And how good for everything in Odessa – not without humor.


If you have not reached Turkey (gasoline is over or the purse of the wallet) – it does not matter. In Odessa, there is a Turkish corner, namely the Istanbul Park. Green, beautiful and everything for people. Even Wi-Fi and toilets are free. There are playgrounds for children, grottoes and fountains. What is not Turkey? And that there is nowhere to buy profitable things – so here it is the Privoz to help.

Its avenue of glory

Hollywood is certainly good, but Odessa has its own glory alley. A city with such color and history has become an ideal cradle for many creative people. Here are sculptors, architects, writers, musicians, and many other prominent personalities who have left their delightful mark on history. It is dedicated to them Alley of Stars.

All this is an incomplete list of those interesting things that await you in South Palmyra. Do not waste your time and hurry to book a ticket for the bus Kiev Odessa now. This can be done at the Gunsel office or online.

Let your summer be colorful and do not forget to smile!