Odessa is a city of rest, sea and romance. Most often, speaking of the Ukrainian capital of humor, jokes about beach adventures, Privoz and street food are recalled. But is this the only thing that keeps the popularity of the city? There are a number of popular places that have been heard of almost everything and there are less popular, but no less beautiful corners. We will tell you about some of them. Moreover, since the Odessa Kiev buses run regularly – not visiting this city is almost a crime.

Classics of the genre

Дерибасовская улица

What is popular in the seaside town, except, of course, the sea and beaches. I immediately recall the Potemkin Stairs, Deribasovskaya Street with Ostap Bender Square, the Opera House and Privoz. If you rummage in memory and remember films about the city, you can also call Primorsky Boulevard and possibly Teschin Bridge (this one is remembered more by name). The place is definitely beautiful and worth a visit. In fact, for the sake of them alone, you can hurry to the Kiev Odessa bus.

Real palaces

Воронцовский дворец в Одессе

Odessa, like many other cities, boasts an abundance of real palaces. Moreover, many of them have kept inside authentic artifacts of local aristocracy.

Shakhsky, Vorontsovsky, Palace of the Tolstoy, Gagarin, General Vitt and many others. There are palaces that have reincarnated into other places – hotels or restaurants. Also, for the fans of Harry Potter there is his palace. This building was built just over a decade ago as a holiday home for employees of the International Humanitarian University.

For animal lovers

Биопарк в Одессе

If you are still unsure whether to buy a bus ticket to this seaside city, then it is worth mentioning the excellent zoo and dolphinarium. Where, where, and here they are put on a good level. The performances are lively and interesting – not only children, but also adults will like it. In addition, it is pleasant to note that the little animals are well-groomed and satisfied with life.

Where without the sea

Море в Одессе

The sea means both swimming and sunbathing, and beautiful photos of us. The truth is, it is better to either take a photo first, before you have yet had time to burn, or to take care of skin protection and then photograph a golden tan on the background of the azure horizon. Beautiful beaches, ports and lighthouses – how to do without romance. Evening walks in this atmosphere are an unforgettable time.

Some more culture and what comes after it

Итальянский дворик в Одессе

For a real intelligentsia, there will definitely be something to do. Romantic corner of old Odessa, parks and alleys. There is an excellent regional philharmonic society, which is beautiful not only outside, but also inside. It is worth visiting the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, as well as the Archaeological Museum. One of the special and universal places is the Shustov Cognac Museum. After an interesting history of the brand, you will find a tasting of products, and there are collectible publications available.

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