Only schoolchildren and those who have not tasted its taste do not like autumn. This is a magical time when everything is shrouded in gold as at the reception of the queen. It is ideal for romantic walks, declarations of love and travel. And also for enjoying the last warmth and a great opportunity to stock up on positive emotions before winter. How to make autumn as colorful and enjoyable as possible? Ideal to go to Europe and better with your soulmate. Europe at this time of the year is especially beautiful. Which cities are definitely worth visiting – we will tell in this article.


прага осенью

This city is just perfect for fall. If you want to feel all its charm and enjoy the atmosphere of mystery and magic – welcome to the city in October-November. The second month of autumn is sunny, classic Indian summer with its lightness and warmth. And in November, as if the record is switched – Christmas markets, bright foliage, garlands and lanterns in front of the Gothic houses.


будапешт осенью

Another European handsome man who looks especially cozy in the golden season. You can go there with a soulmate or even with children – everyone will appreciate it. The city is really well preserved and it is easy to find buildings that are 400 years old or more. The combination of different styles and eras does not look chaotic, but harmonious. This is probably a truly unique city that so beautifully and so organically conducts a real history tour. In autumn, it all looks even more aristocratic. In addition, the weather allows you to take longer walks in the picturesque streets.


If you are interested in Europe with children, but are reluctant to travel far, almost any city in Poland is ideal for such a trip. Firstly, it is inexpensive and you can go with the whole family. Secondly, it is beautiful – the whole of Poland in the fall becomes really comfortable and very neat. Thirdly, it is really close and you do not spend extra time and finances on the flight. Wroclaw is a city of contrasts and vibrant colors that light up even brighter in autumn. In October, bright parks, and in November – fairs against the backdrop of gingerbread houses.



An option for the most sophisticated walks of real intellectuals. Here is the place to take a walk with your loved one – to discuss what you saw and enjoy the romance, which seems to just be in the air. Indeed, it is here that the concentration of music of real classics – Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven – is just going through the roof. And do not forget about the Vienna Ball – an amazing event that takes place in November. It’s nice to note that it’s easy to get cheap tickets to Vienna, so it’s quite possible to fly there on the weekend, even if this is an unplanned trip.

If in general terms – Europe is the most beautiful in autumn. It lights up with new colors and becomes even more comfortable. And due to the fact that the weather in most popular destinations is mild, you can walk around the cities for almost 24 hours. Discover Autumn Europe!