We are pleased to announce that from August 15, 2019, an renewed ticket design will be launched.

This ticket form will be available during the ticket sales:

  • at the GUNSEL ticket sales office;
  • at online sales ticket.gunsel.ua;
  • at agents “Orion-Trans” (Nikolaev), “OdessaPasService” and state of emergency “Elena” (Odessa).

The new, improved ticket design contains complete information about the carriage of hand luggage, baggage, methods of returning a ticket and brief information from the Conditions of Carriage of Passengers. They also have a QR code for downloading the official Gunsel Lines application, which greatly simplifies the tracking of your route, the departure and arrival of the bus, and allows you to buy an online ticket for the selected trip.

The previous ticket design will be available until 09.24.2019 inclusive and will be valid in parallel with the new ticket form for 40 days.

Ticket example in a new design