The Gunsel company provides a cargo transportation across Ukraine. We have almost 100 branches, which cover more than 60 cities. Also has a courier delivery function. Depending on the type of cargo, its weight and the distance to which it needs to be delivered, the service price itself varies. If you are interested in cargo transportation in Ukraine, the price of the service and conditions, we offer to review this article.

The first thing that is important to know about cargo transportation is that everything is declared, which means the cargo will be delivered in one piece, in the right place and in the right quantity. The company is attentive to the quality of delivery and is doing everything in its power to provide the service at the optimum time.

What could be the load

Classification is conducted in the following categories:

  • “Folder” (single tariff for the delivery of documents weighing up to 1 kg);
  • “Location” or “Cargo” (weight up to 30 kg);
  • “Pallet” (up to 1 ton);
  • “Tires / wheels” (passenger).

Calculation of freight by category

Based on the category to which the cargo belongs, the miscalculation of its value also varies.

Folder. A single tariff applies to the cargo in this category – wherever the document is delivered, the cost of delivery is 31 UAH (check with the operator). Behind him declared 1 place. Weight range n must exceed 1 kg.

Location. This category of cargo is calculated for baggage weighing up to 30 kg. As the weight and distance of delivery increase (zones from 1 to 5), the cost of delivery of 1 kg increases. The minimum declared cost of delivery is 300 UAH. If you exceed the weight (more than 30 kg) for each additional kg and the cost is added (the further the delivery, the greater the increase). If two places are indicated in one declaration, then the cost of the service for each next unit (starting from the second) is only 6 UAH.

Pallet. This is a more dimensional and heavy load. The minimum declared shipping cost is 2500 UAH. Weight up to 300 kg (1 pallet) is considered from 561 to 1419, depending on the delivery zone. With an increase in weight, the cost of delivery also increases accordingly. Permissible weight of one pallet is up to 1 ton. Each subsequent unit in the declaration is 30 UAH. The calculation of the cost of transportation takes into account the number of pallets, their weight and the distance of delivery.

Tires / wheels. Considered the type of tires, wheels and wheels for cars. The cost is taken into account for a separate unit. The minimum declared value of 500 UAH. The calculation of the cost of shipping is based on the distance and the number of units of goods of the same size.

For more information about the cost of delivery by weight, you can find in our price list. The distance calculation is measured in “zones” from 1 to 5, in which 1 is the closest and 5 is the furthest. To which zone your delivery point belongs, you can specify in the corresponding price list.

Shipping cost is important in calculating the final cost of the goods. You can check with our managers the exact cost of delivery of the goods with a miscalculation for your needs. We provide delivery services quickly, efficiently and reliably.

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