Any activity requires the manifestation of professionalism, skill and years of experience. Transportation services that contribute to both successful business and household issues related to relocation, repair work and transportation of personal belongings do not fall into the exception.

The development of market relations helps to increase the need for organizing logistics not only for manufacturing enterprises, but also for trade organizations. The constant change of tariffs for fuel, maintenance, moral and physical aging of vehicles is increasingly forcing company managers to abandon the maintenance of their own fleet and contact carrier organizations, which saves on fuel and repair of motor vehicles, on maintenance staff and on renting or purchasing a land plot parking lot. In this regard, in the market of transport and logistics services, the popularity of gaining freight, sending and delivering parcels on the territory of the Ukrainian state.

Cargo transportation Ukraine

Each year, the economic indicators of freight traffic confidently occupy the first positions in the market, and freight carriers in Ukraine provide consumers with the opportunity to take advantage of the expanded range of services of companies that specialize in freight traffic. It is also worth noting that the need for high-quality and affordable logistics is growing every year, contributing to the formation of tremendous competition among shipping companies. On this basis, the delivery of parcels and goods in Ukraine is a priority for the operation of GUNSEL.

Delivery of goods in Ukraine

It is necessary to carry out the transportation of baggage, and its size and weight does not allow you to load a personal vehicle? GUNSEL specialists quickly, efficiently and on a professional level will deliver the goods to the addressee, without limiting you to the extent of receiving the baggage. Today our activity is aimed at servicing more than 60 of the largest Ukrainian cities and has about 100 branches, which allows for the delivery of goods in Ukraine of any size within 24-48 hours.

Sending parcels in Ukraine

“How to hand over a parcel post and documents?” Is the first question that occurs for every Ukrainian, when it is urgently necessary to transfer something to a relative or friend in another region. Whichever regional center you choose, to send the parcel, the team of the transport company GUNSEL will select the best route and provide a solution to any problem. The procedure for sending a parcel takes only 10 minutes. We also offer a courier call, which, at the request of the client, will arrive to send at the appointed place and time. For regular customers, our team has developed a loyalty program, great deals and gifts.

Delivery of parcels in Ukraine

Customer service on a 24/7 system, sending and delivering parcels, documentation, valuable packages, fragile items, as well as non-standard size cargo and oversized baggage – the principle of the transport and logistics organization GUNSEL. Transportation of goods is carried out in the original packaging of the company, which ensures the integrity of your shipment. We make sure that your cargo is properly stored, in complete safety and confidentiality.

GUNSEL – the leader of the Ukrainian market of transport services, which provides logistics services in the field of cargo transportation in Ukraine, as well as passenger transportation for 19 years. Constant modernization of cargo transportation processes, improvement of the quality of service and development of new directions of transport services contribute to the maximum satisfaction of the desires and needs of all our customers.

Fast, reliable, prompt and affordable delivery to any corner of Ukraine – the principle of GUNSEL.