There are times when speed is especially important. And delivering to a long distance also quickly – in general is not an easy task. Land or water transport cannot cope with this task. It is for these purposes that air delivery has been created. This is a fast and convenient way to deliver valuable cargo to almost anywhere in the world.

What is the advantage of air delivery

Авиадоставка грузов

Air delivery of goods allows in the shortest possible time to deliver a diverse cargo at different distances. It can be anything – furniture, food, clothing, valuable documents, perishable things, electrical appliances and more. Item by item or in large quantities – delivery is carried out in any case.

All logistics can be safely provided to the carrier. You are provided with the best route option and time frame – departure, time on the road and the time of arrival of the cargo at its destination. At any time you can track at what stage the delivery is and whether everything is good with your cargo.


Документы на доставку

Making all the necessary documents is a painstaking process that requires attention to all the details, as well as knowledge of all the nuances. Independently they engage in quite tiring. Because carrier companies provide services to prepare the entire package of documents. It includes insurance and related documentation that is required for border control and delivery. The company takes on the issue of customs clearance.

It is important to specify all necessary data that may be requested upon delivery. About them the carrier company in advance warns the customer and specifies what nuances you need to know when you make the air transportation service.

What determines the price of delivery

Цена на авиадоставку

Primarily on the delivery distance. In Ukraine it will be much cheaper than abroad. Weight is also important, with not the actual weight, but the bulk (the dimensions themselves) playing a big role. Pricing is influenced by the delivery specifics itself – climatic conditions, additional packaging or fastening for fragile or deteriorated goods. A certain contribution to the price adds and speed of delivery. If it is needed “for yesterday,” accordingly, the price will be higher, because you will need to use additional resources for the entire design and route construction.

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