We inform that since April 2019, the branch of Gunsel Kyiv-Avto, which was located in the central bus station at the address: Kyiv, Demeevskaya Square, 3, has ceased its work.

The luggage compartment moved to the office at the address: Kyiv, st. Marichanska, 15, tel. (093) 327-16-01. Acceptance and delivery of baggage, which travels by bus, is carried out according to the Kyiv-Avto work schedule (Mon-Sun, 7: 00-23: 00).

Regarding the bus ticket sales department, in order to preserve the usual location for customers, while it temporarily works on the basis of a passenger sprinter with the Gunsel logo. Sprinter is located in the bus station. Please also note that the local phone number does not work. Only mobile phone number works: (093) -327-16-02

Sorry for inconvenience.

You can also contact your nearest office at:

Kyiv, st. Simona Petliura, 32 (central railway station), tel .: (093) 315-90-33.

More information about passenger traffic and express delivery of cargo on our website https://ticket.gunsel.ua/ or by calling the Call Center 0-800-30-30-10