When there is only two days off, and I want to go, I can choose interesting places not far from you. Not only abroad at the other end of the globe a lot of interesting things. In Ukraine, there is also something to see. For example Kharkiv.

First capital

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The second most populous city in the country. It is considered the student and scientific capital of Ukraine. Moreover, he wore the status of the administrative capital of the country several times. It contained the main forces for the production of turbines, tanks and tractors. It is also the only city in our country that has collected all the awards of the Council of Europe (Diploma, Prize of Europe, Table of Europe and even the Honorary Flag). With such a set the city can not be boring. What to see in Kharkov?

Constitution Square

The meeting place is one and all. A lively square with beautiful architecture and a positive atmosphere. Here the most different interests, age and culture intersect. Nice to just walk around. Many are impressed by the Independence Monument – a girl with wings and a wreath on a ball. There is a historical museum and a puppet theater. Getting there is easy – the metro station “Constitution Square” (in general, the very presence of the metro in the city makes life very easy).

Central Park of Culture and Rest. M. Gorky

If you want to relax, then you here. Everything is very European, green and well maintained. There is a ferris wheel (the highest in the country) and other attractions. Many colors and a charming fountain. It is well equipped and is in the top 10 parks in Europe, and this is already talking about something. It is nice to relax here and even with children. A place from which you do not want to leave.

Kharkiv Dolphinarium

Дельфинарий в Харькове

For the most kind and positive emotions worth a look into the dolphinarium. An exciting program like not only children but also adults. For lovers of diving or anyone interested to stroke a dolphin (or a white whale), there is such an opportunity. Smart and charming animals welcome guests, because they feel that they are loved here and the stars here it is they.

Museums just enough

For lovers of cultural programs, the city has more than enough different kinds of museums. Here and artistic, and historical, and marine, and computer equipment, and even a museum of sex and sexual cultures of the world. No wonder Kharkov – the scientific capital of the country, because from the standpoint of science there are open a variety of areas of everyday life.

You can buy a bus ticket Kiev Kharkiv and back at the office of Gunsel or online to save time. A weekend in Kharkov is a cozy and memorable option for a really nice weekend.