Smile – you are in Odessa!

July 12, 2019|

If summer is in full swing, and you have not yet hit the sea, then it's time to buy a bus ticket to Kiev Odessa, because the sea is very close. And besides the sea - many interesting sights. What exactly - we learn in this article.What is there in the classics Classic guides immediately [...]

A wedding trip to Europe

July 11, 2019|

Many couples have a cliche that if it's a honeymoon, then a trip to the sea is a must. Yes, how to relax, swim and sunbathe - it is certainly fine, but the honeymoon is a special time. If you want to bring romance and such anxious beauty to the beginning of your new life [...]

Cozy weekend in Kharkiv

July 8, 2019|

When there is only two days off, and I want to go, I can choose interesting places not far from you. Not only abroad at the other end of the globe a lot of interesting things. In Ukraine, there is also something to see. For example Kharkiv. First capital The second most populous city in [...]

Traveling by bus with a child: how to make the trip comfortable

June 13, 2019|

When it comes time for vacations and long journeys - children do not go anywhere. They also want to go to the grandparents, swim in the sea or just spend time on vacation with their parents. But before you get to such a desired destination, you need to overcome a considerable obstacle - the road. [...]

The art of collecting bags in the way: to take, you can not leave

June 10, 2019|

Travel is an art form. And competently pack a bag - super power, which is owned by only the elect. Today we will dedicate you to the secret order of the gurus, who know how to pack a suitcase so as not to forget anything and at the same time not leave shoulders on half [...]

What and how to deliver the goods in Ukraine

June 7, 2019|

When it comes time to expand the business, most often you have to think about the issue of transportation. Not all firms have their own fleet of vehicles - in most cases this is not profitable and there is no particular need. The rise in price of gasoline, maintenance and the need for additional space [...]

Sea, theater, park: what to see in Odessa

June 5, 2019|

Odessa is a city of rest, sea and romance. Most often, speaking of the Ukrainian capital of humor, jokes about beach adventures, Privoz and street food are recalled. But is this the only thing that keeps the popularity of the city? There are a number of popular places that have been heard of almost everything [...]

Add summer colors: where to go in Ukraine in summer

May 28, 2019|

Ukraine is rich in everything than you can. There are mountains, and the sea, and even the desert - there is something to choose from. With such an assortment of attractions, you can not spend money on foreign trips and spend a vacation or just a weekend in one of the Ukrainian cities. Let's take [...]

Fast, far and reliable – air cargo

May 14, 2019|

There are times when speed is especially important. And delivering to a long distance also quickly - in general is not an easy task. Land or water transport cannot cope with this task. It is for these purposes that air delivery has been created. This is a fast and convenient way to deliver valuable cargo [...]

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