Mystery passenger” program conditions:

1. To participate in program “Mystery passenger” you need to fill a form at and mention:

  • personal E-mail;
  • name, surname;
  • telephone number;
  • where was the ticket purchased;
  • ticket number;
  • date of the trip;
  • destination.

2. Requests are accepted in advance by Passengers Transportation Department of “Gunsel” company, at least 3 days before the scheduled trip.

3. There can be only one “Mystery passenger” onboard of each trip.

4. Passengers Transportation Department employees from all the applications for one trip chose randomely a participant and informing him about participation.

5. A link for online survey form will be sent to the selected candidate in order to evaluate the trip.

6. Durring 7 working days after completion of the trip the candidate is fulfilling the online survey form.

7. The “Mystery passenger” program participant has no right to share with public his participation and the result of evaluation of the program.We need Legal department suggestion ,a simple data protection kid of contract need to be signed when they accept terms and conditions of hidden passenger program automatically.

8. Gunsel company employees or their relatives cannot participate in “Mystery passenger” program.

9. By participating in the “Mystery passenger” program you automatically agree to storing and processing your personal data according to the acting Ukrainian law.

10. By participating in the “Mystery passenger” program you are agree not to disclose any type of confidential information you have obtained durring participation in this program.

Bonuses for “Mystery passenger” program participants:

1. The award for the candidate is a discounted (100%) one way ticket for one of the domestic/international destinations of Gunsel.
2. Bonus ticket will be issued after processing the participation data in the program. Processing of data takes 7 working days.
3. After processing the participation data a participant will be informed by E-mail address.
4. A program participant solely choses the destination of a bonus ticket he would like to get.
5. Gunsel company preserves the right for seat selection in a bus on a chosen destination.
6. Bonus ticket can be issued for any date during within 40 days after the informing of the passengers about the results of his participation.
7. Bonus ticket cannot be returned or transferred to a third parties.
8. Gunsel company can solely change the conditions of the “Hidden passenger” program.