Ukraine is rich in everything than you can. There are mountains, and the sea, and even the desert – there is something to choose from. With such an assortment of attractions, you can not spend money on foreign trips and spend a vacation or just a weekend in one of the Ukrainian cities. Let’s take a closer look at where you can go in Ukraine in the summer.

At sea with a smile

отдых в Одессе

The sea in summer is a kind and beloved by many classics. Sunbathe, swim and enjoy seaside goodies. This all has Odessa. The city is really interesting and atmospheric. In the afternoon there can be a beach, and in the evening – a walk through the cultural part of the sea capital of humor. Potemkin Stairs, Deribasovskaya, City Garden and much more – you will not be bored for sure.

Feel in the wilderness

Купить билеты в Херсон

In Ukraine, there is a desert, which in many respects very much resembles the Sahara – Aleshkovskiye sand. They belong to the largest sand massifs in Europe. She is just near Kherson. If the adventures of Moses are not to your liking, then you can visit other natural attractions of the region – the Askania-Nova nature reserve, the Hot Key geyser, various islands and lakes. Kherson is also famous for its architectural landmarks and the largest port on the Dnieper.

Lovers of the urban jungle

Билеты в Днепр

Cityscapes are beautiful in their own way. And they can boast not only Kiev, but also such cities as, for example, Kharkiv or Dnieper. The first is an ideal option for those who are interested in science and technology. No wonder Kharkov is considered the scientific or student capital of the country. As for the Dnieper – a city for lovers of mysteries and history. Initially, it was supposed to be the third largest city of the Russian Empire, then it became the center of Soviet space and defense projects, where foreigners were not allowed to enter the flesh until the Union collapsed.

Mountains and valleys


For lovers of the forest and nature in general, the Carpathians are ideal. These are forests, mushrooms, and clean rivers. Supporters of an active lifestyle and adventure seekers will surely find something to do to their liking – rafting on rough rapids, climbing the mountains or just hiking. And what are the landscapes? Photos will be no worse than magazine covers. And all you need to buy a ticket and go forward to the beauty and fresh air.

Nothing extra

Путешествуй с Гюнсел

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