«Gunsel» was established in 1997.

Its way the company began providing bus transportation services to passenger, but soon was able to expand the list of its features. Due to high professionalism of their team, well-established pattern of work and the availability of the latest technical facilities the company has taken a leading position also in the field of cargo delivery; the delivery of cargos was added to the list of services all over Ukraine.

«Gunsel» occupies a leading position in the field of cargo delivery more then 15 years. The company made a real breakthrough for the transport services. Professionalism, quality, efficiency, responsibility and a high level of comfort and service are the main concept of «Gunsel». Business is changing and the image and corporate communication strategy also. Today «Gunsel» represents its new face – a new brand GNS …

«GUNSEL Group» changed its name to one that will be more remembered. For cargos and passenger traffic created new brands «GNS Cargo» «GNS Lines». The new logo is a symbol of the sincerity of our intentions.

Bus Transportation of «GNS Lines»:

  • While traveling in comfortable buses MAN NEOPLAN you can relax and not to think about the trip. This covers with highly skilled drivers, mechanics and stewards. During the trip you will be offered soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks.
  • You can enjoy watching video films or listening to light music. Stewards will give you the full information about the trip, stops and time of arrival of the bus.

Cargo delivery of «GNS Cargo»:

«GNS Cargo» of «GUNSEL Group» deliveris cargos all over Ukraine. More than 90 offices in 60 cities of Ukraine – sending and receiving packets, parcels, valuable packages, fragile items, as well as items custom sizes and oversize cargo. Up to your request, we will arrange the express delivery.