Many couples have a cliche that if it’s a honeymoon, then a trip to the sea is a must. Yes, how to relax, swim and sunbathe – it is certainly fine, but the honeymoon is a special time. If you want to bring romance and such anxious beauty to the beginning of your new life – a honeymoon trip to Europe is a great option.

Magic Budapest

Свадебное путешествие в Будапешт

This is a city in Hungary which resulted from the merger of three cities at once – Buda, Pest and Obud. Each city brought something special to Budapest – it combines a different culture, architecture and life. The city is famous for its bridges, each of which has its own legend. Be sure to visit the parliament building, which is made in neo-gothic style. Another nice thing is that here you can rent bicycles and travel the city far and wide, enjoying its magical atmosphere.

Mysterious Prague

Свадебное путешествие в Европе

If you love legends and riddles, then the way to Prague. In this city, everything is saturated with legends, riddles, and in places even a bit of mysticism. There are many cathedrals and ancient monasteries that really delight with their architectural lace. Also, for lovers of cultural recreation there are quite a few museums, theaters and other institutions. It is interesting how the middle ages and modern are intertwined in the city. The pearl of the city is Charles Bridge. It is pleasant to note that you can buy a ticket to Prague in the company of Gunsel, at a very favorable price.

Romantic Verona

Where is the story of Romeo and Juliet? An example of loyalty and strength of feelings of two young people. The city itself is saturated with the atmosphere of romance and a certain sentimental refinement. It seems that if you come here at least once, you will stay together forever. Medieval buildings and beautiful castles are a great place for evening walks with your soulmate.

Contrast Wroclaw

City of diversity and contrasts. Multi-colored doll houses, as if from pictures of a fairy tale about a gingerbread house. The atmosphere is full of historical nobility and modern audacity. This is ideal for couples who love contrasts and do not waste time in vain. It is also pleasant to note that this is not a hackneyed direction in which everyone discovers something new for himself. And it is worth noting that there you can buy a ticket for a bus or air ticket – as you like, the road is not so far, and with Gunsel it is also comfortable.

Why limit

You can take a tour and combine several countries at once – this is more emotion, experience, and if everything is calculated correctly, it is much more profitable than traveling to each city separately. Do not limit yourself and make your honeymoon truly unforgettable. A wedding in Europe will give you a lot of positive emotions and inspiration, and this is what you should start living together.

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